Friday, January 4, 2008

Do Over

OK - I'm feeling a bit better and want to get back to the little story I started before the holidays. I never really explained what I was doing, so I'm going to do that now as well as reposting all of the pages so far.

I drew the first page without any idea of what was going on or where the story was headed. I liked the idea of painting myself into a corner with each page and figuring my way out on the next. By the time I got to the third page I had a better idea of where the story was going, but still wanted to play it by ear day by day, page by page. It's a fun and challenging writing exercise and forces me to draw quickly. Each page has taken me about 3 hours from initial idea to scanned and lettered digital file.

The biggest hurdle I face in trying to work on comics in my free time is the amount of time it takes. It's very easy to lose momentum and interest when the work drags out over a long period of time. Not that I would consider these professional quality, but it feels a lot better to finish a full page a day as opposed to the 12 months it took me to draw a 5 page story I did with more traditional techniques a while back.

Enough with the talk - back to the drawing:


=shane white= said...

Wow, these are pretty cool, Pav. Not your usual mode but considering how fast you're knocking them out, really nice.

I bet you could simplify even more and get more polish over time. I'm excited...can't wait to see where you take this.


P.S. I dug the Dmitri drawing too...neato.

pav said...

Thanks, Shane!

I'm having fun doing these and learning that I don't need to figure everything out before I ink. It'll take a while before I get the hang of it, but it would be nice to be able to draw comics at a speed that matches my inspiration level and available time.